Leveled up


I wore this outfit the other day, it's super laid back but still very on point. Just know, I'm never taking these jeans off! I promised myself to branch out more and steer clear from everyday jeans for awhile, but who can resist good denim, especially a classic boyfriend cut. These fit snug around the waist but have just the right kind of slouch to them. The blazer, it's been in my closet for years. It looks better with age and compliments any outfit I throw together. I think the strappy heels really take things to the next level here...giving major tomboy vibes, with a feminine touch, AKA my personal style in a nutshell. 


Easy peasy no makeup, makeup look


Happy Saturday! 

Here's a peak at my easy, peasy everyday make up routine. Its a simple, no make up, make up look that enhances my natural features. I always start with a clean, moisturized face. These days I keep clean with A Wild Soap Bar (AWSB) and moisturize with Cetaphil lotion. Oh, and can't forget the sunscreen, very important. I have been faithful to the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint ever since I tried this product out for the first time two (or so) years ago. It is the real deal! The skin tint blends well with light to medium coverage and leaves my skin fresh and radiant. The matte finish helps to control excess oil throughout the day. I also like to play up my eyes a bit, sometimes going for a dramatic wing liner and a bold lip for a nice pop of color. My brows naturally grow thick, so I just comb and fill in areas where the hair maybe a little sparse. My make up style is nothing too over the top, just a classic, natural look. 


Easy Livin


What a crazy last couple of weeks. Crazy in a good, exciting, stepping outside the bubble of comfort, kind of way. It's great to be back in the groove and connecting with you guys again!

Lately I've been obsessed with oversized styles - baggy pants, loose, flowy tops. My life craves simplicity right now so I want to be able to throw on something comfy but still look pulled together and sophisticated.

I couldn't wait to share details on this outfit. It's got to be my absolute fave little ensemble in my closet right now. You guys know, I gravitate towards the effortlessly chic look and this outfit was a no brainer.  These wide leg, blush tone culotte trousers are from Zara. They wear light and airy. I love the drawstring waist band that doesn't give the obvious casual look but more the apearence that I'm "not trying but trying." The blouse I caught on sale at Marshalls and I was so happy to finally get my hands (or should I say toes) on a pair of these trendy loafers from Free People

I'm still devoted to the capsule closet. It's definetly working for me. My style has started to really evolve. 

Talk to you soon.  


GRWM: Casual office vines

Hey! Come get ready with me. 

In this clip, I put together a retro-spired business casual look centered around this leopard print leotard. Who would've thought... leotards in the workplace? I like to have fun when dressing up for work, push the envelope a bit and show a glimpse of my wild side. Rawr! Besides, who really has time to swap out an outfit just before a night out after work? ;-)

Leotard:  Nordstrom Rack aka "The Rack" , Blazer: Marshalls , Culottes: Old Navy, Shoes: The Rack


2017 Summer (hair) style staple


Can you believe this heat? Is it even officially summer yet? Lately I've been wearing my hair up and out of the way, not only in an effort to stay cool, but for a different, more stylish look.

I am all about convenience when it comes to everyday style, which is why I am get plenty of wear out of this messy loc bun. It literally takes five minutes to do and I am out the door and off to start the day!


I first flip all my locs forward and hold them in place with an elastic band. These bands are pretty popular, find them at a local beauty supply store, Target, Walmart or online if all else fails. 


Next, I loop the elastic band around a second time and swing my longer locs to one side to hold the bun in place, making certain my duck face is also on point, haha! 

FullSizeRender 133.jpg

I'll take some time and adjust as needed, so that all locs are neatly secured. This usually takes a minute or two to do. My locs have quite the personality and don't really appreciate being contained. (there, there my little babies, haha)


And viola! Check out the finished look. The thicker, black headband pictured here is optional.

This loc bun is also perfect for a special occasion or upscale event. I'd most likely add a jeweled headband or decorative scarf for a sleeker look.

How're you wearing your hair for the summer?


Grow long, healthy locs with these 5 tips!

Locs are one of the easiest, most care free hairstyles there is.  Similar to plants, locs will sprout and continue to grow with very little help. I’ve worn locs for three years now and find that my hair responds best when I don’t manipulate it a whole lot or use an excessive amount of products. 

Below I’ve included some simple loc care techniques that I follow to ensure my tresses flourish and look their absolute best! All of these tips are good to incorporate in the beginning stages of your loc journey and will also help if you’ve worn locs for some time now and want to revitalize your mane.

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Be nice to yourself

What a wonderful accomplishment it is to find peace within! But keep in mind, the journey to find inner peace is not exactly an easy one to undertake. There is no overnight solution or fast track guide to being content. It starts with self-acceptance, owning your emotions and making a conscious decision to be a positive light in the world and get the most out of the life you’re given.

I’ve taken some time to write out three personal practices that help put me back on the tranquility track and onto feeling my most authentic self again! Hope you find these suggestions helpful :) 

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Had a little space between us


And there lie my beloved bell bottom jeans, carelessly slung over a set of storage boxes in the corner of my closet. Forgotten after all these months. I almost shed a tear when the zipper broke and I could no longer wear them...

Who doesn't love a good flare?

Flares alone can make any outfit look chic. They give "hippie" feels with a sophisticated twist. Perfect combo if you ask me! These particular high waist, relaxed denim bell bottoms from Nordstrom (by BP.), really compliment my shape. They are loose, yet still fit form around my hip and thigh area, draping out just before the knee. Some flared jeans I’ve worn in the past were baggy (short people probs) but this pair barely touch the floor and don’t gather at the bottom. If feeling extra funky, I’ll dress these pants up with a simple printed blouse and platform heel to really elongate my legs. Really glad I resisted the urge to toss these pants away as damaged goods and instead opted to have them restored. Nothing melts my heart more than classy, timeless style and I think flare jeans encompass just that.


Sweet Memories + Food52

As a kid, I loved to tag along with my mom and her friends (who were more like family) to the Jewish Passover celebration. I couldn’t’ve been any older than, say, ten, the few times we went. Such good memories! 

I wanted to honor the Passover tradition in my own sort of way by sharing the recipe for this tasty chocolate Matzo (also Matzoh or Matzah) treat! I snagged it from my favorite recipe website, Food52.

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Women who throw fruit shouldn't live in glass houses


Every year around springtime, I make a point to reorganize and get rid of unnecessary clothes in my closet.

This year, I aimed to downsize my clothing collection and actually keep it that way, so I decided to try the capsule wardrobe thingy on for size since there're many good online reviews about it. 

Just what is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited set of versatile, high quality pieces, that can be use to create different outfits. Many style blogs emphasize that capsule wardrobes will help you cut clutter, save money and create more outfit options. The idea is to do more with less. 

Wouldn't you much rather own a few staple, multi-functional pieces that you love, versus a closet full of clothes that no longer represent your style? Or clothes that don't fit properly? And if you're a bit of a closet hoarder like me,  you might still have clothes with sale tags in tact because you can’t figure out what the heck you were thinking when you made the purchase in the first place! Ay, yi, yi. 

A good rule of thumb is to start by shrinking your wardrobe down to about 30 or so items. This doesn't include workout gear,  pajamas, accessories, shoes and outfits for special occasions. 

Seems pretty drastic, huh? That was my initial thought. Keep in mind most people buy a new set of clothes for each season, every three to four months. And this is the only time it's recommended to go shopping, hints the potential to save money throughout the year and cut back on impulse buys. 

Ultimately, you can make your capsule whatever you want it to be. There are no real rules here. The goal is to have your closet situation reflect more of your lifestyle and personality. Something you can be proud of. 

Here are my current closet stats: 


11 Tops

11 tops

4 blazers 

2 dresses 

1 jumpsuit 

3 complete gym outfits, pants and tops 

12 pants (includes jeans, slacks, joggers) 

11 shoes (discarded 14)

I found the transition to a mini wardrobe rejuvenating. Wanna know the real kicker? Getting dressed for work in the morning is less stressful! No more fumbling though piles of unworn clothes trying to find the right outfit combo. Now, I literally throw on something because my closet is full of clothes I adore and wouldn't mind wearing on any given day. It's only been about a week but I've already grown accustomed to this simple, more practical wardrobe and plan to continue these efforts for the duration of the year.  Are you inspired yet?