Coffee x Cardio


I was a bit lax with workouts this week. There, I said it! 

If you're an avid reader, you know I set a goal in January to get in better shape for 2017. I started with a semi-intense exercise regime, doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred three to four days out of the week. I wanted to shock my body into a more active lifestyle and this at home workout kicked my fanny into shape quicker than expected! I noticed an increase in my endurance after about five days!

Life is all about balance. A healthy lifestyle involves listening to your body and giving it adequate rest. Especially if you haven't exercised in a while and recently became active again. I still try to do some sort of physical activity on days of less intensity - a little resistance stretching or biking around the neighborhood. These activities get my heart rate up without pushing my body to the max. In my best Wale voice, "No days off."

Le Mystere keeps me nice and comfy in their low impact sports bra. This bra doesn't hug as tight as the high impact bra, which gives me more room to move around without feeling restricted. The material is light and stretchy. I'll usually throw on the mid impact sports bra  if I want to amp up with more intense stretches or go for a light jog when the suns out. I wear the bra alone or with a loose, racer back active top, like this Coffee and Cardio one I purchased on sale from Old Navy. No matter my workout plan, Le Mystere is there to support. Get it? Support? No? Okay.



Images by Alfonso Jarrod

Workout gear : Old Navy, Shoes: Nike, Bras: Le Mystere

The 411

Contrary to popular belief, dating isn’t (well, shouldn’t be) very complicated. That’s right, folks. You heard it here first. Doesn’t take a heap of effort on either persons part to make the wonderful pursuit of romance go seamless. It’s only when we over think, try to play it cool and fail to be up front about our intentions, that we stay trapped in the shallow end of the dating pool, frustrated when there's a less than favorable outcome. Now, before you click out of this post, roll your eyes and mumble, "girl, bye", consider these six suggestions for a smooth (ok, maybe a tad awkward at times) dating experience.

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Kiss, kiss, bang, bang


I so had every intention to publish this post around Fall time. Unfortunately, I’d gotten sick (hints why this mug shot portrayal maybe spot on) so plans to rave over this Marc Jacobs lipstick were thrown under a huge figurative pile of paperwork, completely overlooked until now. Right on Britt.

Flash back a few months, I was in Sephora, re-upping my supply of NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint when the cashier disclosed I was eligible for a free gift. Among the selection of makeup goodies to choose, was Marc Jacobs – Lip Crème lipstick. I normally shy away from lipsticks with a pink hue for fear I’ll end up looking like the female version of Homie the Clown. Seriously! Some shades just aren’t flattering next to my skin and I have tossed away tons of barely used lip sticks for this very reason. I decided to give the lipstick a try anyway since the only other option was a face cleanser I really didn’t need.


Well whadda ya know!

Much like my style, I keep my makeup look simple. Most mornings I’m in a rush, so I shoot for an easy, no-make up, make up look that brightens my face and gives the appearance that I spent a lot of time getting dolled up *wink* . This is one of several reasons why I fell in love with this Marc Jacobs lip wear. The color shows up as more of a nude shade on me, enhancing my natural lip color, like I’m barely wearing a thing! I also like its creamy texture that sets like a matte, so no worries of dryness or clumping. This is a huge plus for those of us with fuller lips. The lipstick only lightly fades throughout the day but still leaves my lips saturated with a good amount of color.  I like to jazz it up with a NYX lip pencil but the lip crème wears perfectly fine without anything extra.

I am super glad I branched out to give this lipstick a try!  Even though I copped it for free.99, I will certainly be heading back to Sephora when the sample runs out! 


New year, who dis?

This New Year creeped up out of no where! While 2016 was good to me, the year ended on a more sour note (sad face), so I wasn't my typical jolly self for the holidays. No worries. I've learned to handle blows from this world like one would a few shots of tequila - may not be so fun to swallow but with time you're dancing with life again, tongue out, oblivious to it all. 

I've never been one to make any real serious resolutions for the New Year. My mind changes with the wind, so I've always thought "Meh, whats the point?' But this year was a tad different. I've wanted to get in better shape for some time now and realized I had this same convo in my head at the start of 2016. Procrastinating much?

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Fashionably Late

Blouse: Philosophy,   Make up: Nars Matte Velvet Skin Tint,   Lip color: Mac Ruby Woo

I had this, sort of, self-intervention a few months back, shortly before the site launch. Decided it was time to revamp my stale wardrobe and dress the part of an [actual] adult. In other words, the whole, middle finger to the world, shabby, semi-goth look I sported in my adolescence, wasn't suitable for an upcoming business professional. 

Step your game up Britt!

Ideas to make this site solely about my new “What Not to Wear” excursion, were fairly short lived. In all honesty, I’m super lazy when it comes to my style and don’t like to put much thought into creating an outfit. My philosophy? Keep it simple. Rock the look with confidence. Think – Victoria Beckham, Zoe Kravitz or Nicole Richie. Grunge with a dash of posh. I ultimately add make up or rock a statement handbag to jazz up an otherwise bland outfit.

This printed Philosophy blouse is one of my fave new purchases. I simply want to be comfortable these days. I  love how the soft, breathable material causally hangs off my frame creating a relaxed, loose fit. I threw on a pair of black, washed denim jeans to complete the outfit. Perfect for a windy day, yet light enough to prance and pose on the beach like a total babe. Haha! 

Thanks for reading! Tell me how you'd describe your style or go to look!


Let the good times roll

It's not always easy to embrace change and move forth into new and unfamiliar territory. I’ve experienced this more than ever in recent years, desperately wanting to cling onto parts of my life that're most comfortable and rebelling against anything out of the norm. But no matter how much I kick, scream, complain or throw an adult temper tantrum, there’s no way to get around the inevitable; growing up and owning responsibility. "That's life", as my dad simply puts it. 

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Doin what comes naturally


Let’s face it, we’ve all fought the good fight to maintain clear skin. Sometimes even our best efforts to keep pimple free, don’t yield the right results. The 50 million skin care commercials, junk mail beauty flyers and that obnoxious sales person waving you down in the mall, all advertise the same; they make promises of quick fixes, with the best products on the market. And you’ve probably tried it all too, right? Aah, nothing like waking up to a fresh chemical burn and another $10 down the drain. Good times, good times.

The truth is, there is no cure all skin care product. The secret to healthy skin isn’t really a secret at all. Huh?  If we just eliminate the toxins in our body by eating a well-balanced diet and staying hydrated, half the battle is won! (Sorry I had to go all Bill Nye on ya). When I’m not pigging out on junk food, my acne tends to stay at bay.

But unfortunately we don’t walk around blemish free 100% of the time. When it comes to a skin care routine, I’ve found that less is best. I’m going to share a few delicate, budget friendly products that help keep those stubborn pimples away and give my skin an extra layer of clean!

Cleanser: Yes To carrots

I’m definitely a fan of the Yes To brand. My skin is really sensitive and doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals. The easier it is to pronounce ingredients, the better. This natural cleanser does a great job at removing dirt without stripping my skin of moisture. This cleanser can also be used as a light face mask. Just leave it on for an extra minute, then rinse. Great two for one deal! 

Toner: Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is very soothing on the skin. It’s a natural anti – inflammatory thats been used for centuries to treat acne and other skin disorders. After washing my face, I douse a cotton swab and wipe off any gunk that might’ve been left behind on my face and neck. Repeat as needed.  

Moisturizer: CeraVe

Once I’m all clean, I take a dab (little goes a long way) of lotion and rub it all over my face and neck. CeraVe isn’t thick or greasy like some other moisturizers. The product is also non-comedogenic so no worries of irritating any pre-existing breakouts.

Our skin is delicate and should be treated with care. Keep it simple with any routine you follow. Let me know if this helps and feel free to share what regime has been working for you!


Cheer up Charlie

I have to laugh at myself sometimes. You know, for overthinking and taking life too seriously. At least that seems appropriate in retrospect because no doubt this has been one crazy, head spinning, mentally draining week! Thankfully, it ended on a more balance note.

I've always admired those brave enough to share the contents in their handbag, so much that I’ve decided to do a little sneak peak of my own. Nothing too fancy, just a few essentials that keep my constant, on the go lifestyle organized and better prepared for a busy week.

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Mellow, mellow

Life’s good. In a few weeks, I’ll be moving out for the first time. Although antsy and full of excitement, I constantly have to remind myself that life is still happening here, right now, in the present moment. And for the record, I’m writing this post while stuck in standstill traffic for close to an hour now! Talk about the perfect opportunity to practice what you preach.

I’ve challenged myself to just relax and enjoy every step of this new adventure. Even though I can't wait to sit on my new screened in patio and sip orange chiffon tea while soaking in the Florida sun, I'll still cherish these last weeks of being under my parent’s roof. It’s bittersweet.

I’m so grateful for what’s brought me to this point in life, constantly reassuring myself that the frustration, confusion and countless other problems twenty somethings take too serious, were just signs of life going in the right direction.

Change is a beautiful thing when we accept and adapt to it. I’m no Dali Lama, but refocusing my mind in the present moment has proven to be a helpful remedy when combatting everyday stresses and doubts about the future.