Fashionably Late

Blouse: Philosophy,   Make up: Nars Matte Velvet Skin Tint,   Lip color: Mac Ruby Woo

I had this, sort of, self-intervention a few months back, shortly before the site launch. Decided it was time to revamp my stale wardrobe and dress the part of an [actual] adult. In other words, the whole, middle finger to the world, shabby, semi-goth look I sported in my adolescence, wasn't suitable for an upcoming business professional. 

Step your game up Britt!

Ideas to make this site solely about my new “What Not to Wear” excursion, were fairly short lived. In all honesty, I’m super lazy when it comes to my style and don’t like to put much thought into creating an outfit. My philosophy? Keep it simple. Rock the look with confidence. Think – Victoria Beckham, Zoe Kravitz or Nicole Richie. Grunge with a dash of posh. I ultimately add make up or rock a statement handbag to jazz up an otherwise bland outfit.

This printed Philosophy blouse is one of my fave new purchases. I simply want to be comfortable these days. I  love how the soft, breathable material causally hangs off my frame creating a relaxed, loose fit. I threw on a pair of black, washed denim jeans to complete the outfit. Perfect for a windy day, yet light enough to prance and pose on the beach like a total babe. Haha! 

Thanks for reading! Tell me how you'd describe your style or go to look!