Had a little space between us


And there lie my beloved bell bottom jeans, carelessly slung over a set of storage boxes in the corner of my closet. Forgotten after all these months. I almost shed a tear when the zipper broke and I could no longer wear them...

Who doesn't love a good flare?

Flares alone can make any outfit look chic. They give "hippie" feels with a sophisticated twist. Perfect combo if you ask me! These particular high waist, relaxed denim bell bottoms from Nordstrom (by BP.), really compliment my shape. They are loose, yet still fit form around my hip and thigh area, draping out just before the knee. Some flared jeans I’ve worn in the past were baggy (short people probs) but this pair barely touch the floor and don’t gather at the bottom. If feeling extra funky, I’ll dress these pants up with a simple printed blouse and platform heel to really elongate my legs. Really glad I resisted the urge to toss these pants away as damaged goods and instead opted to have them restored. Nothing melts my heart more than classy, timeless style and I think flare jeans encompass just that.