Women who throw fruit shouldn't live in glass houses


Every year around springtime, I make a point to reorganize and get rid of unnecessary clothes in my closet.

This year, I aimed to downsize my clothing collection and actually keep it that way, so I decided to try the capsule wardrobe thingy on for size since there're many good online reviews about it. 

Just what is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited set of versatile, high quality pieces, that can be use to create different outfits. Many style blogs emphasize that capsule wardrobes will help you cut clutter, save money and create more outfit options. The idea is to do more with less. 

Wouldn't you much rather own a few staple, multi-functional pieces that you love, versus a closet full of clothes that no longer represent your style? Or clothes that don't fit properly? And if you're a bit of a closet hoarder like me,  you might still have clothes with sale tags in tact because you can’t figure out what the heck you were thinking when you made the purchase in the first place! Ay, yi, yi. 

A good rule of thumb is to start by shrinking your wardrobe down to about 30 or so items. This doesn't include workout gear,  pajamas, accessories, shoes and outfits for special occasions. 

Seems pretty drastic, huh? That was my initial thought. Keep in mind most people buy a new set of clothes for each season, every three to four months. And this is the only time it's recommended to go shopping, hints the potential to save money throughout the year and cut back on impulse buys. 

Ultimately, you can make your capsule whatever you want it to be. There are no real rules here. The goal is to have your closet situation reflect more of your lifestyle and personality. Something you can be proud of. 

Here are my current closet stats: 


11 Tops

11 tops

4 blazers 

2 dresses 

1 jumpsuit 

3 complete gym outfits, pants and tops 

12 pants (includes jeans, slacks, joggers) 

11 shoes (discarded 14)

I found the transition to a mini wardrobe rejuvenating. Wanna know the real kicker? Getting dressed for work in the morning is less stressful! No more fumbling though piles of unworn clothes trying to find the right outfit combo. Now, I literally throw on something because my closet is full of clothes I adore and wouldn't mind wearing on any given day. It's only been about a week but I've already grown accustomed to this simple, more practical wardrobe and plan to continue these efforts for the duration of the year.  Are you inspired yet?