Coffee x Cardio


I was a bit lax with workouts this week. There, I said it! 

If you're an avid reader, you know I set a goal in January to get in better shape for 2017. I started with a semi-intense exercise regime, doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred three to four days out of the week. I wanted to shock my body into a more active lifestyle and this at home workout kicked my fanny into shape quicker than expected! I noticed an increase in my endurance after about five days!

Life is all about balance. A healthy lifestyle involves listening to your body and giving it adequate rest. Especially if you haven't exercised in a while and recently became active again. I still try to do some sort of physical activity on days of less intensity - a little resistance stretching or biking around the neighborhood. These activities get my heart rate up without pushing my body to the max. In my best Wale voice, "No days off."

Le Mystere keeps me nice and comfy in their low impact sports bra. This bra doesn't hug as tight as the high impact bra, which gives me more room to move around without feeling restricted. The material is light and stretchy. I'll usually throw on the mid impact sports bra  if I want to amp up with more intense stretches or go for a light jog when the suns out. I wear the bra alone or with a loose, racer back active top, like this Coffee and Cardio one I purchased on sale from Old Navy. No matter my workout plan, Le Mystere is there to support. Get it? Support? No? Okay.



Images by Alfonso Jarrod

Workout gear : Old Navy, Shoes: Nike, Bras: Le Mystere