The 411


Contrary to popular belief, dating isn’t (well, shouldn’t be) very complicated. That’s right, folks. You heard it here first. Doesn’t take a heap of effort on either persons part to make the wonderful pursuit of romance go seamless. It’s only when we over think, try to play it cool and fail to be up front about our intentions, that we stay trapped in the shallow end of the dating pool, frustrated when there's a less than favorable outcome. Now, before you click out of this post, roll your eyes and mumble, "girl, bye", consider these six suggestions for a smooth (ok, maybe a tad awkward at times) dating experience.

 1. Go for what ya know!

 “You must be quick to seize opportunity.” My dad says this all the time as a joke but the statement holds a lot of truth. Don’t wait around to be approached by your wanna be boo. Take a risk! Jump outside your comfort zone and go after what you want. Life is too short to second guess and possibly miss out on what could be an ideal match. And ladies, I get it. This can be hella awkward for us but don’t be shy. Guys dig when you make the first move. It’s a sign of confidence and certainty.

2. Don’t be a simpleton

Plan dates that are fun and spontaneous! Take up a dance class, go wine tasting, rock climb or do some other sort of physical activity in place of the usual dinner and a movie date. Frankly, I find sitting face to face with a stranger, going over the standard list of “get to know you questions”, a tad silly.

3. Pass the mic and let the other person spit a lil something!

Listen and engage in what your new interest has to say when the two of you are out and about.  Good conversation is a joint effort. While it’s appropriate to spill details about yourself, try not to over share and hog the conversation. Leaves a poor first impression.

4. Two can play that game

It's better to be upfront about your intentions. If you lay your cards out in the beginning, you’ll avoid being misunderstood down the road. If causal hook ups are the only thing on your menu, make that known early on. If not, well, be vocal about your hope to someday meet your best friend, slow dance under the moonlight to Willie Hutch’s “I Choose You”, hike through the Town of Tartano, then go…. snap out of it Britt!  You catch my drift here. Just do yourself (and the person you’re spending time with) a solid and communicate your expectations.

5. Don’t ignore red flags

 “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Maya Angelou couldn’t have said this statement any better! If you're already convinced your new interest is slightly off their rocker, don’t wait around for these little signs of crazy to just, vanish. I have news for you my friend, they won't! Instead, RUN! Run like the wind! Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but in all seriousness, its best to trust your gut and abort mission before things get too serious.

6. Keep it moving

Over all the process of meeting someone new should be enjoyable. Even refreshing!  So what if a steady relationship doesn't spark after a few dates. Eventually the right person will stick. Be sure to end things on a positive note and carry on with your life.  Until then, enjoy being single and live every day with the mindset that you're celebrating your bachelor / ette party!