New year, who dis?

This New Year creeped up out of no where! While 2016 was good to me, the year ended on a more sour note (sad face), so I wasn't my typical jolly self for the holidays. No worries. I've learned to handle blows from this world like one would a few shots of tequila - may not be so fun to swallow but with time you're dancing with life again, tongue out, oblivious to it all. 

I've never been one to make any real serious resolutions for the New Year. My mind changes with the wind, so I've always thought "Meh, whats the point?' But this year was a tad different. I've wanted to get in better shape for some time now and realized I had this same convo in my head at the start of 2016. Procrastinating much?

I'm 5'4 about 130 lbs. and thankfully never had a problem with weight gain (knock on wood). But do not be deceived, although I'm pretty slender, your girl could use some serious help! I'm over feeling sluggish, bloated all the time and dependent on caffeine to get energized for the day. The closer I inch to the dirty thirties, the less I'm able to cram down junk food without any consequence. My weakness? All carbs - bread, pasta, sweets! The very foods that break out my skin and hide my six pack. I've already lost a few inches just by cutting back on this stuff!

Of course the fun part of working out is looking good while doing it! I purchased this Le Mystere sports bra from Dillards. I am petite but my chest is on the heavier side and no matter how much weight I loose, these lovely lady lumps aren't going any where (just my genetics). I needed a bra that provides support and is comfortable when exercising. Don't need the "girls" flopping all over the place (ouch). The cups on this bra run true to size but still give a little room to move around. And thanks to the padded straps, my skin isn't left with those awful bra indents. The straps also crisscross in the back for a sportier look. I went with the black and grey style because it'll go with most of my workout gear, but Le Mystere offers a variety of colors and designs. Totally worth the investment! 

I plan to start this fitness journey off slow and not burn out too quickly. So far, I've focused on meal prep and committed to at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Here's to improved health! 

As always, thanks for stopping by. Tell me, what're your fitness goals for 2017? Any beginner exercise plans you'd recommend? Please share your work out regime and success stories with me!