Be nice to yourself


With all the chaos going on in the world, it is important we have a peaceful place within to retreat and restore calmness in our lives. 

What does it mean to have inner peace? 

I feel genuine peace is living in the present, getting the most out of day to day experiences and having the ability to re-center when life socks ya upside the head with a curve ball! 

The beautiful thing is that this inner stillness comes in all shapes and sizes - some of us feel our best when surrounded by family or close friends. Others prefer to recharge in solitude, perhaps out in nature reading a book or taking a long, thoughtful stroll. 

What a wonderful accomplishment it is to find peace within! But keep in mind, the journey to find inner peace is not exactly an easy one to undertake. There is no overnight solution or fast track guide to being content. It starts with self-acceptance, owning your emotions and making a conscious decision to be a positive light in the world and get the most out of the life you’re given.

I’ve taken some time to write out three personal practices that help put me back on the tranquility track and onto feeling my most authentic self again! Hope you find these suggestions helpful :) 

Limit time on social media

I have a love / hate relationship with social sites. While a great way to grow a business and connect with likeminded people, social media can be down right draining and over stimulating at times. A bathroom selfie here, an ass shot there, a plate of God knows what (#ithrewdowninthekitchen) all the news, gossip and political jargon - it's too much access to too many people, all the time! (#tonguetwister)

I like to go on a social media hiatus occasionally, take it back to the MySpace era and designate a certain time during the day to get on and interact with followers!  

Eat healthy foods

Was that cheesy slice of pizza with the crisp, buttery garlic crust really worth the stomach ache? Ummm sorta?? 

The benefits to eating more natural, whole foods are amazing! When I fuel my body with the nutrients it needs to function better, I'm more focused, less irritable and my level of patience soars to new heights! 

I recently purchased Tia Mowrys new book "A Whole New You". It is an awesome read! Tia starts by sharing her own, inspiring journey to a healthier lifestyle, followed by recommendations and tasty recipes (the nourish bowl , soo delicious) to incorporate into your own routine.

Our mind, BODY and spirit must be totally aligned before we can feel completely at peace! 



Journaling is an amazing stress reliever as it does wonders for our mental health! It's a great way to unplug, quiet the mind and reduce negative thoughts. I especially appreciate that journaling allows me to be completely transparent with my emotions. It's like taking the back seat and really evaluating how and why I feel a certain way. There are no worries of sounding silly in front of others, no fear of judgement or harsh opinion. Just a busy mind, a pen and a blank canvas ready to take it all in 

Annnddd release. 

Full disclaimer - extended periods of journaling can often lead to hand cramps. Instead, consider daily vlogs (video blogs) and audio journals to release toxic emotions! :) 

Photos: Actress Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffanys