Cheer up Charlie

I have to laugh at myself sometimes. You know, for overthinking and taking life too seriously. At least that seems appropriate in retrospect because no doubt this has been one crazy, head spinning, mentally draining week! Thankfully, it ended on a more balance note.

I've always admired those brave enough to share the contents in their handbag, so much that I’ve decided to do a little sneak peak of my own. Nothing too fancy, just a few essentials that keep my constant, on the go lifestyle organized and better prepared for a busy week.

1. Make-up bag

I picked out this leather, multicolored make up bag for about nine bucks during a Nordstrom Rack clearance bin deep dive. It keeps all lipsticks in one place so they're not slung all over my handbag and later found smeared on some important receipt paper or mashed inside a pocket. Can't tell you how many times that's happened before.

2. Tic Tacs

That's right! I keep it old school with these cherry cola flavored tic-tacs. I pair garlic and onions with just about anything so having these around makes it easier to combat those harsh after effects.

3. Oil absorbing sheets - Target brand

Best invention EVER! Ok, maybe not the best but pretty close. The sheets do a perfect job at removing shine and excess oil on my face without smudging my makeup. They're a bit pricy, about $4 a pack for 70 sheets. I use a few a day and usually re-up every two weeks or so. Still worth it if you ask me!

4. Yes-to Chapstick - Target

I'm a sucker for good chapstick and absolutely love this brand! Yes!  Another Target find. The chapsticks unique oval shape makes application that much easier. The rich coconut and shea butter additives leave my lips feeing soft and moisturized. Oohh lala! This brand sells pretty quick so I usually purchase a few packs at a time.

5. Tangerine scented hand sanitizer - Target brand  

Because there's no such thing as a "flu season". I'm just saying!

6. iPhone headphones

There are moments throughout the day when I tune the world out, take a walk and blast music.

7. Stress ball 

Work is taxing! My supervisor gifted our team this week with stress balls as a way to lessen tension during intense moments. Couldn't have come during a more perfect week!

8. Planner

I keep note of everything in this planner; Grocery lists, upcoming appointments, daily spending. My mind is usually all over the place so important events are written down or else forgotten.

9. Aveeno lotion

I've got to keep my skin hydrated while living in sunny Florida. Temperatures get well over 90 degrees these days and its yet to hit mid summer! Yikes.

10. Pocket mirror

I keep this mirror on hand because lipstick stains and spinach stuck between my teeth aren't a good look. 

11. Vogue prescription eyeglasses

I've had this pair for a few years now. They look retro with the turtle shell design and slight cat eye tips. 

12. Wallet

Gotta have somewhere to store the cash, right? 


Hope you've enjoyed this post. Here's to a lovely, hopefully hectic free week! Before you go, share a few necessities found in your handbag.