Doin what comes naturally


Let’s face it, we’ve all fought the good fight to maintain clear skin. Sometimes even our best efforts to keep pimple free, don’t yield the right results. The 50 million skin care commercials, junk mail beauty flyers and that obnoxious sales person waving you down in the mall, all advertise the same; they make promises of quick fixes, with the best products on the market. And you’ve probably tried it all too, right? Aah, nothing like waking up to a fresh chemical burn and another $10 down the drain. Good times, good times.

The truth is, there is no cure all skin care product. The secret to healthy skin isn’t really a secret at all. Huh?  If we just eliminate the toxins in our body by eating a well-balanced diet and staying hydrated, half the battle is won! (Sorry I had to go all Bill Nye on ya). When I’m not pigging out on junk food, my acne tends to stay at bay.

But unfortunately we don’t walk around blemish free 100% of the time. When it comes to a skin care routine, I’ve found that less is best. I’m going to share a few delicate, budget friendly products that help keep those stubborn pimples away and give my skin an extra layer of clean!

Cleanser: Yes To carrots

I’m definitely a fan of the Yes To brand. My skin is really sensitive and doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals. The easier it is to pronounce ingredients, the better. This natural cleanser does a great job at removing dirt without stripping my skin of moisture. This cleanser can also be used as a light face mask. Just leave it on for an extra minute, then rinse. Great two for one deal! 

Toner: Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is very soothing on the skin. It’s a natural anti – inflammatory thats been used for centuries to treat acne and other skin disorders. After washing my face, I douse a cotton swab and wipe off any gunk that might’ve been left behind on my face and neck. Repeat as needed.  

Moisturizer: CeraVe

Once I’m all clean, I take a dab (little goes a long way) of lotion and rub it all over my face and neck. CeraVe isn’t thick or greasy like some other moisturizers. The product is also non-comedogenic so no worries of irritating any pre-existing breakouts.

Our skin is delicate and should be treated with care. Keep it simple with any routine you follow. Let me know if this helps and feel free to share what regime has been working for you!