Kiss, kiss, bang, bang


I so had every intention to publish this post around Fall time. Unfortunately, I’d gotten sick (hints why this mug shot portrayal maybe spot on) so plans to rave over this Marc Jacobs lipstick were thrown under a huge figurative pile of paperwork, completely overlooked until now. Right on Britt.

Flash back a few months, I was in Sephora, re-upping my supply of NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint when the cashier disclosed I was eligible for a free gift. Among the selection of makeup goodies to choose, was Marc Jacobs – Lip Crème lipstick. I normally shy away from lipsticks with a pink hue for fear I’ll end up looking like the female version of Homie the Clown. Seriously! Some shades just aren’t flattering next to my skin and I have tossed away tons of barely used lip sticks for this very reason. I decided to give the lipstick a try anyway since the only other option was a face cleanser I really didn’t need.


Well whadda ya know!

Much like my style, I keep my makeup look simple. Most mornings I’m in a rush, so I shoot for an easy, no-make up, make up look that brightens my face and gives the appearance that I spent a lot of time getting dolled up *wink* . This is one of several reasons why I fell in love with this Marc Jacobs lip wear. The color shows up as more of a nude shade on me, enhancing my natural lip color, like I’m barely wearing a thing! I also like its creamy texture that sets like a matte, so no worries of dryness or clumping. This is a huge plus for those of us with fuller lips. The lipstick only lightly fades throughout the day but still leaves my lips saturated with a good amount of color.  I like to jazz it up with a NYX lip pencil but the lip crème wears perfectly fine without anything extra.

I am super glad I branched out to give this lipstick a try!  Even though I copped it for free.99, I will certainly be heading back to Sephora when the sample runs out!